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Each player has their own Room they can access. You are able to decorate, place Pets, and add music. Rooms begin with one floor with the size of 18*18. You can expand it later.


Players can decorate their room from placing interior items to changing the wallpaper and flooring.

You can obtain furniture, wallpapers, and flooring from the Interior Shop or randomly through Gachas.

It is recommended you put a place to sit, a bath, and food in your room, so you and other players can fulfill their daily quests. Every room is required to have a door and Diary.


Sound Interior Items can be placed in your room to play music. It will overwrite the original Room music. It can be obtained from Gachas labeled as Sound randomly.

Room Expansion[]


Rooms can be expanded through Gems or Cash. You can also purchase another floor to your room. You can only have up to 3 floors.

Floor Expansion Cost
1F PLAY Suite (36*36) Cash.png 600
1F Suite (30*30) Cash.png 300
1F Deluxe (24*24) Gem.png 100,000
1F Standard (18*18) Gem.png 30,000
2F Deluxe (24x24) Cash.png 150
2F Standard (18x18) Cash.png 100
2F Cozy (12x12) Gem.png 50,000
2F Petite (6x6) Gem.png 30,000
3F Deluxe (24x24) Cash.png 150
3F Standard (18x18) Cash.png 100
3F Cozy (12x12) Cash.png 60
3F Petite (6x6) Cash.png 30

Room Parties[]

Room parties.png

You can invite other players to your room through the Room Party feature. When players accept your invitation, they will be taken to your room. They can interact with furniture and chat.

Room Parties are needed to complete one of the Daily Quests, "Try out the 'Hello' at the room party."