Turkish Angora
Pet Information
Type Cat
Pet Turkish Angora
Cuddles Needed 100
Cost 40 Cash
Obtainable Pet Shop
TA Gift
Meow~ Let's play just a bit more!
— Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora's Favorite Kitty Toy is required to call the Turkish Angora pet. Place the kitty toy in your home and you'll be able to call it twice a day (including your free call.) It takes 16 hours in order to call it again.

When the pet is called to your home, you can pet it for your Daily Quests.

Once you cuddled it 100 times, it will become your pet.

Personality Edit

The Turkish Angora is a charming cat who loves girly items like ribbons and perfume. Make sure to clean your room tidy since this little feline has a keen nose for smell![1]