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Squares were released on April 10th, 2014. It allows multiple users to interact at the same time with each other. Squares can be accessed by tapping on the yellow crystal in your homescreen. You can select a square and tap "Go" to travel there. Pressing the arrow at the top left of the screen lets you travel to other squares or go back home.

  • Up to 20 LINE players are allowed in one square.
  • The public chat allows you to communicate with others and use action emotes.
  • There are some Squares with special Gachas only available in that area.

List of Squares[]

Name Available?
LINE City Yes
LINE Park Yes
LINE Cafe Yes
LINE Stadium Yes
Treasure Island Yes
Disney Square Yes
Las Vegas Yes (JP, TW, and U.S Only)
New York Times Square Yes
Pirates of the Caribbean No
Death Notes No
Beauty And The Beast No
Rilakkuma Square No
Under The Sea No