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Event Information
Category Event
Description Sanrio characters come together! Get together and make dolls!
Release Date September 1, 2018
Expiry Date September 27, 2018

Sanrio Characters Little Doll Atelier is a Sanrio X LINE Play event where players can exchange dolls for cute rewards based on the Sanrio characters.


Enter the SANRIO CHARACTERS limited square through the yellow crystal in the homescreen. When you enter the square, you will get a random ingredient once a day.

  • Find ingredients in the square.
  • Tap the button icons to find a SANRIO Characters Cute Button or Sparkly Buttons (Rare). There is the possibility of finding nothing.
  • You can get buttons as a bonus for playing the Sanrio characters' Dolls.
  • All buttons you obtain will be stored in your closet. After the event is over, all of the buttons will be deleted.

Doll-Making Game[]

To make a doll, start the mini game at the work table at the upper left corner of the square.

  • Perform the required actions before time runs out, the faster you do it, the better the results!
  • You can get a bonus by using lots of materials or using the rare material: Sparkly Button.
  • The mini doll you get depends on the results of the game.
  • Exchange the dolls for rewards at the Reward Exchange.
  • Pick a collection you want a reward from. You will get one random item from it.
  • Mini Dolls will be deleted from your closet after the event ends. Trade them all in during the event.


You will be ranked based on the number of mini dolls you made. The highest ranked players will get extra special rewards.

  • Your Mini Doll total for rankings will not go down as a result of exchanging Mini Dolls for reward items