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The Gift Shop is where you can purchase fashion or interior items for other players. All the items in the Gift Shop cannot be obtained anywhere else. Gifts cost gems or cash.

  • You cannot gift yourself an item, but having Gold VIP level benefits will let you have the same gift if you send one to your friend too.
  • Some gifts are only available in the Gift Shop for a limited time.
  • You can add items from the shop onto your Wishlist.
  • You may gift players items from the Gift Shop only.

How to Gift[]

  1. On the home screen, there will be a menu at the bottom. Tap on "Shop" and then "Gifts".
  2. In the Gift Shop, you can choose between Fashion or Interior gift items. Tap on "All Item" to view all items and not only the popular ones.
  3. Tap on a gift item. You can choose "Send" to send it to another player as a gift, or tap "Add to wishlist" to add it on to your profile's wishlist.
  4. Read the Terms of Service before sending a gift. Press on "Agree" once you are done reading it.
  5. Tap on the "To" line to put your friend's name there. They must be on your Friends List before sending them a gift.
    • You can send a message up to 100 letters.
    • Press the X if you want to remove their name.
  6. If you have enough gems or cash, the gift will be sent to the person. The gift will be in the player's mailbox.