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Curious Closets is a feature where users collect hint items in order to solve the puzzle and obtain the prize. The prize is usually a limited time rare fashion item, interior item, or makeup item.

The other version of Curious Closets is called Mystery Curious Closets.


Curious Closets will usually only last for a short amount of time, even sometimes only lasting up to a day.

In order to get the special prize, you must collect Hint items and wear them. Hint items can be collected from the following methods:

  • Buying Cash, Gems, or Hearts
  • Special Item Packages
  • Gifting friends to get the hint item or vice versa
  • Gachapon (there will be a Hint label around it)

When you collect and wear all the required Hint items, you can collect the special item. The higher the rarity the final prize is, the harder it is to obtain it.

Curious Closets[]