Cash are the premium currency used in LINE PLAY. This currency is typically more uncommon and expensive than Gems. While gems are relatively easy to earn, there are only a few ways to obtain cash.

How to earn Cash Edit

  • Buy them with money. Buying cash is one of the few ways to obtain them. The price range depends on the quantity of cash.
  • Events. Occasionally, LINE Play hold events where you can earn some free cash.
  • Competitions. Line Play's Instagram sometimes hold competitions which involve posting a picture or video of your avatar wearing an outfit revolving around the selected theme (You will be asked to include a certain tag in the caption so that Line Play can easily find your entry). The top five will win 50 Cash along with 20 more users who will win 50,000 Gems.
  • Login Bonus. On the final day of the month, you'll receive 5 Cash and you can obtain a small amount of Cash weekly from the Las Vegas first attendance chart.